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Hudson Valley Swim payroll runs every 2 weeks. When you get an email to submit your hours, please do so ASAP.
Our pay period runs from Monday through the Sunday 2 weeks later. Please submit your hours by Tuesday afternoon so they can be called in and deposits/checks ready for that Friday.

If you are a new instructor and haven't sent in your W4, I9 and Direct Deposit forms, along with copies of your Drivers License and Voided Check, you 
need to do so immediately. Click here for your W4 your I9 and your Payroll Deposit form (don't forget to sign at the bottom by the red arrow!). Please scan/email or fax to 845-226-8588.

Note: We are now using Paychex Time & Attendance for entering your hours. When you enter you are able to select your location and your job function. The rate should already be assigned. If you haven't set up an account, there is a link to do so. If you have questions, please ask.