Swim Lessons Save Lives!

ELEMENTARY PROGRAM (ages 3 yrs. to 7 yrs.)


Ages: Approximately 3 yrs. up to 7 yrs.

Overview: This is a beginner class for this age group, students should be comfortable working directly with the instructor without their parents in the water. They should be able to sit on the steps while awaiting their turn and should be able to take direction from the instructor.

Requirements: Goggles for all students and swim caps for students with long hair. Parent does not go in the water.

Skills Taught: Scooping arms, flutter kicks, combined scooping and kicking, blowing bubbles with their full face in the water, front & back floats, jumping in and returning to the wall, treading water, elementary backstroke and the ability to swim 10 yards with little assistance.


Ages: Approximately 3 yrs. up to 7 yrs.

Overview: An intermediate class where unaided movements in proper swim positions will be highlighted. A focus of this level is to begin simultaneous and alternating movements of their arms and legs. The children will be taught beginner techniques in a variety of strokes.

Requirements: The child must be comfortable swimming with face in the water. They should be able to kick and scoop independently for 10 yards and tread water for 20 seconds. Goggles for all students and swim caps for students with long hair. 

Skills Taught: Flutter kicks, freestyle, side breathing, elementary backstroke, backstroke, rollovers and glides.


Ages: Approximately 5 yrs. up to 7 yrs.

Overview: An advanced class for this age group, the child must have successfully completed the Lionfish class as those skills are the basis for this one. The child can confidently perform 10 plus yards of backstroke and freestyle with rhythmic breathing.

Requirements: All participants should know how to swim freestyle with good side breathing, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and be able to tread water for 30 secs -1min.

Skills Taught: Students will work on strengthening their previous skills while learning new skills.  Swimmers will learn side stroke, breaststroke and butterfly, further refine freestyle, backstroke, elementary backstroke, diving along with other necessary skills.